Mauro Lainez assures Diego is “at a team that loves him”.

Mauro LinesPlayer Juarez BravesThe visit opened a new controversy His brother is Diego do TigresAs promised “Yes they want it” in that club. And they did everything to convince him to sign.

Diego is calm and happy to reach a group that likes himwho respects it from the head and They did everything for me to be here”, announced the attacker from Juárez, in reports collected by ESPN.

The nickname factor was in the orbit of America, but because of his high claims, this It will be around 2 million dollarsAccording to the words Santiago BanosThe possibility was rejected, so his visit to the University Club was facilitated.

Sima knows Diego very well

Mauro, on the other hand, considered it There are conditions for a good stay in Diego TigresBecause Marco Antonio “Cima” Ruiz has extensive knowledge of his qualities.

“He knows him (Cima Ruiz) and he was with him with the under-23s, he was a great player at Esperanzas de Toulon and that will bring out the best version of him because he has someone who believes in him.”

finally, Mauro examines Ricardo Ferretti’s visit to Cruz AzulHis next competitor said it was a good way.

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