Fierce fight on plane in Chile: 4 prisoners and 6 injured

Passengers of the plane LA135 of Latham Minutes before takeoff, they witnessed a tense moment on the plane.

A group, as described by users 15 drunk passengers had boarded the flight covering the route Antofagasta-Santiago de Chile. Lessons -Chilean nation- began to form Restlessness Already Verbal assault For the rest of the people, first, a flight attendant approached and quietly asked one of them to get off the plane.

However, by refusing, the Directorate General of Civil Aeronautics (DGAC) had to intervene and that’s when he arranged for several members of the group to get off the plane “There was an argument between them.”.

Pictures circulating on social media show how drunken people, with their hands up, initially calmly approached officers to ask them to get off. However, as seconds go by, the situation turns violent, while chants of “There’s kids, man!”, “Old man, dude, there’s kids!”

Airport authorities had to intervene in view of passengers’ protests, prompting the lawsuit.

The episode is over Four people were “arrested for assaulting officers” and at least six suffered minor injuries, mentioned by the airline and DGAC. As of now, none of the four arrested have been named and are in the custody of the Department of Justice.

Another user captured the moment officers arrested one of them from his window opposed the take-off runway and was once again reduced by two officers can be handcuffed to the terminal Andres Sabella Airport.

The moment was captured by one of the passengers on the plane, which led to one of the four being detained (Twitter: @fdo2000)

Likewise, both the companies announced that they will file complaints Against the invaders and, this Wednesday, the Antofagasta Prosecutor’s Office He announced that action has already been taken in this matter An investigation to “clarify the serious incidents that took place”. on the plane.

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For its part, airline Latham spoke on the matter Aggressive behavior was severely condemned These passengers addressed their co-workers, customers and public authorities who were affected in one way or another by the incident. He also made himself available to Antofagasta authorities and said he would file a criminal complaint in the matter.

Civil Aviation He took a similar stance and quickly released his statement A definite rejection “They will take all legal action against the aggressors,” he said about the attacks on the crew of the LA135 flight.

(with information from EFE)

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