Massive Data Heist in US With 73 Million AT&T Lines Hacked

This is one of the largest personal data thefts in the United States in recent times. It is said that many important information has been leaked.

AT&T Hectares declared It is conducting an investigation to determine the origin of the data breach that affected the personal information of 73 million current and former customers in the United States.

According to a press release issued on Saturday morning, the telco said the data was discovered on the 'dark web' about two weeks ago and contained details such as social security numbers of account holders.

“It has not yet been established whether the data came from AT&T or one of its providers,” the company added. “At this time, AT&T has no evidence of unauthorized access to its systems that resulted in the extraction of this information.”

The leaked data seems to be related to 2019 or earlier. As AT&T points out, the leak does not contain specific details about financial information or call history.

The company noted that approximately 7.6 million current account holders and 65.4 million former account holders were affected by the situation.

AT&T has begun contacting its customers, asking them to change their account passwords as a preventative measure. Additionally, it urges users to be alert for any unusual changes to their accounts or credit reports. Additionally, the company has announced that it will provide credit monitoring at its own cost when needed.

The company warned about this potential leak almost two weeks ago. News of the leak was initially reported on the X account vx-underground on March 17.

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In response to the incidents, AT&T told CNN: “We have no indication that our systems have been compromised.

In 2021, we determined that information shared in this online forum does not appear to have originated from our sites. “We believe and are working to confirm that the data set discussed today has been recycled many times in this forum.”

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