Adamari Lopez raises her eyebrows and wow: Look how it turned out!

First Adamari Lopez Announce his departure from the dancer Tony Costa With a broken voice, the loving actress and presenter have shown great solidarity in trying to stop the tears, and have not shared vulnerable signs in front of the cameras or on their networks.

She looks like a great professional, perhaps The procession goes inside, But what is clear is that on the outside she is much brighter than ever, slim figure, perennial smile and full commitment to her work and daughter.

In addition, despite the difficult times she undoubtedly passed, she did not neglect her beauty practices: “I’m almost done, and now I’ll show you the result,” she said. Eyebrow treatment. “Today I’m not going to do color and dye, I’m coming for another day, but I want to show you how it is. Pro Lamination “.

IG Adamari Lopez

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“Yes, now, get ready for the show,” her stylist assured her that her eyes look beautiful with freshly made eyebrows.

IG Adamari Lopez

Later, Adamari showed her little Alana playing golf, and Tony Costa shared a very soft video where you can watch her Alana prays to God for her family, Closing his eyes, his hands joined in prayer.

Even the dancer He can’t stop his business Her zumba classes when she was Shelter for wife and friends … Only time will tell whether this time the couple will overcome their differences or not.

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