It rescued 34 comrades in a “very special” naval operation

After informing the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador It was achieved 34 Get the Mexicans out of Haiti Those who were in a “dangerous situation” due to the political crisis in that country, the president Alicia Parcena He described how the recovery was by “very good” action.

At President López Obrador's morning briefing at the National Palace on April 1, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) “Considering the serious situation at hand Haiti”, nationals residing in that country were identified.

Alicia Barcena pointed out that 24 of the prominent Mexicans were men and 10 women, including four consular officers and seven minors.

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“Later, in an operation carried out by the Navy Secretary, they were rescued by helicopter. You know, the airport in Haiti has been closed for almost a month and you can't get in or out.

“Therefore, a special operation was required to retrieve these 34 comrades who were already going to return and reach our shores in Progreso, the Naval Secretariat ship going into the waters near Haiti,” he recounted. Foreign Secretary.

He recalled that an interim presidential council had been formed in Haiti, “but there was no guarantee that there could still be a security situation”: “So this is the reason why we decided to bring back our comrades.”

He noted that a survey had been conducted in the country to see which Mexicans would voluntarily return to their country “to be safe”.

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