Instagram is working on a feature to improve interactions with Reels

The arrival of the Mixing feature will allow users to share a personal feed to discover new content. (Reuters)

instagram Continues in its commitment to improve the user experience at Reels. Recently, the development of a new feature was announced, which promises to change the discovery and sharing of content in this video format.

The new tool is called Blend, a feature it is designed to provide A personalized referral experience, It allows users to find content that suits their interests and tastes.

According to reports from TechCrunch, this function is emerging as a unique tool Allows two users to enjoy a private feed of recommended reels. The feature, which is still in an internal testing phase, was invented by reverse engineer Alejandro Paluzzi, revealing features of social media platforms before their official launch.

The arrival of the Mixing feature will allow users to share a personal feed to discover new content. (Reuters)

Basically, the feature will create a personalized Reels feed using the history of interactions between users and their shared interests. According to the information provided, Blend will analyze shared reels among users and their personal preferences to create recommendations tailored to their specific tastes.

This means that if two users share a love for comedy, music or sports, they are in charge of choosing the option Give priority to reels related to these topics.

One of Blend's most interesting features is its ability to dynamically modify content as users interact with it. Although it is not yet officially confirmed, it is speculated that the feature may receive regular updates with new recommendations or may be constantly adjusted based on changing user preferences.

The arrival of the Mixing feature will allow users to share a personal feed to discover new content. (Alessandro Paluzzi)

This flexibility ensures that the mixed feed is fresh and relevant at all times, providing a continuous innovation experience.

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Additionally, the tool promises to be a collaborative tool, allowing users to invite friends to participate in their private feed. It will encourage social interaction and co-creation of content among users with shared interests. Like Spotify, where users can link their playlists as a feature, Instagram seeks to improve connectivity among its users through shared content.

The arrival of this feature will help improve the user experience. First, this option makes it easy to find relevant and entertaining content, eliminating the need to actively search for new reels. By providing personalized recommendationsBlend can help users find the content they're interested in quickly and efficiently, improving their experience on the platform.

The arrival of the Mixing feature will allow users to share a personal feed to discover new content. (Reuters)

Likewise, Blend can strengthen social relationships between users. The ability to create a collaborative feed based on shared interests will encourage interaction and engagement within the Instagram community, cementing its position as a leading social platform.

Finally, The arrival of this tool represents a smart strategy by Instagram to differentiate itself from its main competitor, TikTo.K. While both platforms offer short video content, Blend offers a new dimension of customization and collaboration never seen before on TikTok. It will appeal to users looking for a more personalized and socially connected experience.

At the moment the rollout of this feature has not been announced by Meta or Instagram, so it is still in the development phase and it is not clear when it will be officially added to the platform. BesidesWe still need to know more details about how it will work and what additional options it will have.

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