“Massa has a great opportunity to rebuild the democratic space.”

Various spaces propose legislative projects to punish those who defend the perpetrators of genocide in the last dictatorship and among them is the Subranx space. “The campaign was fierce and brazen on the issues associated with the genocide that Argentina suffered with the military dictatorship, policies of repression and other issues that seemed to have been settled in forty years of democracy,” he began. Gabriel Marioto.

The deputy governor of the province continued: “But the liberals, especially the spokeswoman for the vice-presidential candidate, Ms. VillarroelFrank issues were raised that take into account that these issues are not integrated into democracy, where victims are stigmatized, equated, and ridiculed, and these issues were recorded in our space.”

He also detailed: “George Albaum And the doctor RusconiBased on the conversations we had in our political space, they worked on preparing a draft law that already has more than 16,000 signatures, including those of Perez Esquivel, Attilio Boron, Raoul ZavaroniFor example but not limited to.”

Regarding the document that claims to have the force of law, he highlighted: “The text proposes to punish this type of demonstration, and it includes economic penalties and penalties ranging from one to three years in prison, which increases in the case of public employees.” I have worked a lot on comparative legislation and Germany is a country that has been very active in this regard. In turn, he explained: “We are men and women of freedom of expression, but denial, as made clear by the German law that inspired this work, is not consistent with freedom of expression and democracy because denying what happened means working on a kind of forgetfulness that allows us to return to those axes.”

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In this sense, he warned against transferring the project to the nation’s potential future vice president: “We present it to him Agustin Rossi The project and we are promoting it because the paradigm shift produced by this electoral campaign is clear and I believe that it has overcome the contradiction represented by Peronism and anti-Peronism on the basis of the saw for democracy or obscurantism and we must benefit from it in this case.

Finally, the Peronist leader concluded his speech by analyzing the events of the past week: “The division carried out by JxC today is based on an alliance Macri, Bullrich And the following It gave an identity to the USSR, redefined its image and that democratic alternative that embraces the diversity, pluralism and breadth of political forces of the democratic system against a kind of alliance between the easy trigger and the saw.’ It must be done. They value it as a new democratic model that will force the formation of the next national unity government as proposed Sergio Massa To discuss and restore the large frustrated percentage that expressed themselves through the following ballot.” (www.REALPOLITIK.com.ar)

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