Maryn Villanueva’s daughter Televisa is making the jump to the small screen with a Univision project

  • Romina Bosa is the daughter of Marien Villanueva and Jorge Bosa.
  • The young actress is only 22 years old.
  • In 2022, she starred in the popular Televisa Univision streaming series.

Romina Bosa, daughter of Marin Villanueva and Jorge Bosa, is set to jump to the small screen and make her Mexican soap opera debut, announcing that young actress Rosie Ocampo will be joining the popular production.

It’s ‘Vencer La Culpa’, one of the most successful stories from production company Ocampo, and this installment is the fifth installment of the ‘Vencer’ franchise.

This is not the actress’ first project in acting since she starred in a Televisa Univision streaming series in 2022, but this time we will see her on television.

It was Rosie Ocampo who announced Romina’s participation on April 2 through social networks: “Romina Bosa to play Yanelli. Welcome to the ‘Venture la Culpa’ family.”

Almost immediately, Romina posted a thank you note: “What a pleasure! Thanks for the opportunity.”

Of course, this news made the actress Marin very happy, and her daughter is starting to go to the middle, and she took the opportunity to express her congratulations to her young daughter:

“Congratulations on another achievement, a sure win for all the professionalism in this production, every impeccable detail,” said the actress.

Other confirmed cast members include: Madias Novo, Juan Carlos Barretto, Carlos Ferro, Helena Rojo, Roberto Ballesteros, Luis Cadiga and Ingrid Marts.

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