Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner were caught riding in a fancy Bugatti

The singer and model left a concert in Los Angeles.

It is possible Kendall Jenner And Poor rabbit Together is increasing day by day and has many media outlets and their followers watching their every move.

Photos and videos that have surfaced since February show the pair are more than just friends, and now they’ve been snapped leaving a nightclub in Los Angeles in the artist’s Bugatti. In the same way, signs of affection and strong signals never stop coming out.

The video shows the singer and model leaving the “Tyler, The Creator” concert in Los Angeles, USA, and leaving in the Puerto Rican’s luxury car.

While the Bad Bunny confidently greeted her followers from afar, the model chose to keep a low profile as she got into the vehicle with a hat on so she wouldn’t be noticed.

However, as the singer drove the three million dollar Bugatti, Jenner could be seen laughing away the embarrassment in the pictures.

The couple’s date night comes two weeks after the two were spotted getting super close and romantic at Coachella.

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