“They see you more through this than a Mercedes”

Ponco Quinongo He showed his followers the experience of driving a Lada through Miami.

With his usual sense of humor, Bonko describes the experience as somewhere between amused and surprised.

“Actually, yes… the clutch,” he says as he starts the car, referring to a ‘lost’ habit in Miami where most cars are automatic.

“Assere, I’m driving a Lada all over Miami, a brick. Look, why isn’t it, a third… I haven’t driven in a while, change, my wife,” he adds live in the video broadcast. His facial expression speaks more eloquently than his words.

“A man who is a man knows how to handle change,” he joked.

“Assare, what a hard rudder; gentleman, what a hard rudder he had in Cuba,” he comments with a laugh, continuing to express his amazement at driving “a brick through Miami.”

After that, use foot 8 to work your way between acceleration and gear changes.

“Driving a brick dog through Miami, it’s really watering like Manolo,” he continues, commenting on his trip, in which he also shows how the horn sounds.

“People see you in this rather than a Mercedes,” he said as he drove, and sometimes you could hear other cars whistling.

“I got into 8th Street,” he says as he returns to the workshop, where he comments ‘laughingly’ about how long it’s been since he rolled down the window with the handle.

Then, showing his sense of humor, he remembered what the magic phrase was to roll down the windows in Cuba. “Who has the handle? Send me the handle,” said Ponco, who had a muskwitch in Cuba.

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“Nostalgia is nostalgia,” he said in the video, which ended with his Mercedes showing off: “It’s not for speculation, but once you join a band like this…”

Before heading inside, the beloved Cuban comedian showed his supporters a red Lada spotted on La Calle Ocho.

“The smell of brick and everything,” he said as he entered the car, showing his supporters the details on his live broadcast: the ashtray, the lever, the engine, the spark plugs, the battery and other details. Comment between nostalgia and wonder, don’t stop observing.

But this is not the first time a Lada has been spotted in Miami. Last March FSaw one in Las VegasWith the Cuban flag, at the intersection of Vegas Drive and North Rainbow Boulevard.

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