April and submarine cable arrived when? ETECSA responds

Courtesy of the Undersea Cable In April, ETECSA announced improvements in Internet connectivity. However, many maintenance later, customers keep claiming poor service.

And what about the cable? They have consulted the Cuban Communications Company SA on social networks

Recall that in December 2022, the company advertisement An international undersea fiber optic cable project that will facilitate the diversification of “international capabilities in light of the growing demand for Internet connectivity and broadband services”.

The agreement with the French company Orange SA consists of the deployment of a submarine cable, through its subsidiary Orange Marine, that will connect Martinique to the province of Cienfuegos.

Asked about the dire relationship in Cuba, ETECSA President Tania Velazquez said in February that the telegram authorization was “expected in April.”

Starting from the fourth month of the year of serving the customers of the company they have answered to the client that “at the moment the project is in development and has all the permissions to deploy it; as soon as it becomes effective, the relevant entities will expand the information.”

The same auto reply was sent to other users who asked the same question.

Internet in Cuba and information from Etecsa

Between maintenance and promises, what has not been achieved is the improvement of the Internet connection in Cuba, one of the most expensive services in the world.

“Very bad internet service. However, the company continues to promote recharges from abroad with internet rewards which are difficult to use due to poor connectivity,” one tweet wrote.

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Recently, the company denied information that had spread on social networks about the ETECSA APN test.

If you configure the fake APN and continue browsing, it is because the mobile network automatically redirects you to the nauta APN. confirmed.

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