Joan Pique, Pique’s father and Shakira’s father-in-law, kicks her out of the house: Montserrat Bernabeu’s husband emails the singer to leave the house before April 31 | People | Entertainment

April 2 afternoon Shakira He surprised everyone by announcing that he was leaving Miami “We are now looking for another corner of the world next to family, friends and the ocean to give my children stability,” she shared in her post. instagram.

The Singer The Colombian woman permanently left her residence in Barcelona and boarded a separate flight with her children, Milan and Sasha, aged 10 and 8, respectively, the agency said. Europe Press.

However, there may be a specific reason for this sudden move, and it involves her former mother-in-law Joan Pique. Who magazine.

Shakira moved to Miami because her mother-in-law kicked her out of her house

Hours after Shakira left Barcelona for Miami, Newspaper De Catalunya revealed that the singer’s sudden move was due to her ex-mother-in-law kicking her out of her home.

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The Journalists Laura Fa And Lorraine Velasquez“The Colombian singer received an email signed by Gerard’s father, Joan Piguet, urging her to leave the house where she lived with her children in Esplugues before April 30,” they assured.

holders Internet Mamarazzis cited “sources familiar with the situation” who confirmed that “Shakira received the email when she returned from a trip to New York where she performed on the popular ‘Late Night’ show with Bizarrap.”

“The letter indicated that the deadline for leaving both the marital home in Esplugues de Llobregat and the property currently occupied by the singer’s parents is April 30, 2023,” the journalists said.

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According to journalists, the house where Shakira lived in Barcelona “was the only property of the couple and it was in the name of the company “BCN TWO&TWO SL”, whose administrator is her ex-father-in-law.”

According to the report, if Artist Barranquillera had ignored the indemnity document. So, the singer arranged to go ahead with her move, using Easter and her children’s school holidays to start a new phase in her life in Miami. (and)

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