Marifar Centeno analyzes a new interview with Yahritsa and his Essence: “No regrets or reflections”

Marifar Centeno notes that repentance is missing from Yahritza and his Essence’s statements. Photo: Instagram @maryfer_centeno @yahritzaysuesencia

grouping Yahritsa and its essence He gave them something to talk about after they appeared in an interview where they expressed their opinion on Mexican food and how they experienced the controversy surrounding them.

Just as the band issued their first apology, The Cartographer Marifer Centeno A re-examination task was given Body movement In recent reports by members of the committee.

Interview, last published 20th August Announcer Pepe Garza’s YouTube channel aims to reveal the past of the three brothers and how the current controversy has affected them. They explained that they have humble roots and continue with their steadfast ideals despite being famous. In addition, they were not deeply familiar with Mexican culture, which caused them to make unfortunate comments.

As has happened in many cases, the cartographer Marifer Centeno studied in detail Body movement and expressions The three young men showed up throughout the interview.

Marifar Centeno analyzes a new interview with Yahritsa and her Essence. | Catches: Tik Tok.

In the central part of the interview, Yahritsa can be seen on the verge of tears, however, Marifer Centeno insists that this is not a reaction derived entirely from sadness, but rather that she interprets it as a way of externalizing it. She is surprised For the reaction to his followers as a result of his statements.

“Yahritsa’s facial expressions show discomfort. He keeps his mouth shut, a form of self-censorship. A face that expresses surprise at times and anger at others, but at this moment it shows without a doubt that he is sad,” he explained in the video.

Centeno also stressed that the words used by Yahritsa to describe the situation are not very accurate, because according to the cartographer, the artist’s comments have the intention of constantly wanting to remove the blame, but not admitting what he did. wrong..

Marifar Centeno insists that Yahritsa and her essence do not see remorse. | TikTok.

Here once again we see that they are very confident, it is important to note that there is no regret or reflection about the comments made about the country, and in the end the physical expressions do not lie, what they show in the interview corresponds to anger. ,” he added.

At the end of the video, Centeno mentions that Mexican civilians Give it a second chance and be respectful The young group, because of their young age, do not know what consequences their words will have, however, they can gain significant learning from this experience.

Marifar Centeno invited the Mexicans to give the group a second chance. (Yahritsa and its essence)

“I think we all make mistakes and certainly there will be a lot of people who are willing to give a second chance to a team that has a long future and needs to do a lot of things,” he concluded.

Marifer Centeno stressed that the group does not regret what they said, but they are surprised. Credit: TikTok/ maryfercentenom

After the controversy, the Mexican followers of the Yahritza y su Esencia group have shown their displeasure in different ways, a clear example of which is that even before their statements about Mexican food, the group had millions of followers on the main social networks. Now they only have it 700 thousand.

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Another aspect that indicated that they are no longer part of the favorite groups of Mexicans is that after a few weeks among the most listened to on digital platforms, none of the songs sung by the three brothers are currently in the repertoire. Top 10 songs Much bred in Mexico.

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