Football flag after the victory of the women’s team

Tuesday, August 22, 2023, 07:25

The Spanish soccer team won the World Cup. This week, Bárbara de Aymerich does not miss the opportunity to celebrate, in scientific terms, the title of world champions in the beautiful sport achieved by the Spanish women’s team.

And in football there is science too. In the physical activity practiced by the players, their diet, their muscular activity, how to move and how to rest, psychological preparation…

Barbara de Aymerich, director of Espencia FC, reveals some of the scientific secrets of football. He starts by talking about physics, how by hitting the ball a certain way we make the ball’s trajectory differently through the air, which is nothing more than a fluid. Two big parts of physics are involved, hydrodynamics and aerodynamics.

But strength and pressure are also necessary. It even affects the materials with which soccer players’ shoes are made. Right now, they have a perfect foot fit, aerodynamic and lightweight materials and studs for turf stability.

Barbara de Aymerich also has a special mention for gardeners, the “horticulturists”, for mentioning the hybrid grass, something we’ll be able to find out in this new science video.

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