4 tricks to free up storage space on Android devices – tell me about the science

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Learn these tricks to free up space on your Android device without having to download additional apps.

There’s nothing more exasperating than not having enough space to download apps or multimedia content, leaving you without the option to capture our favorite moments or not being able to receive files on networks.

The Applications They are introducing more and more updates, and this situation is great news because it improves the quality of the content, however, it means less space is available because the size increases between each update, i.e. the more apps are installed on the device, the less space to get rid of. Not forgetting that due to the lack of storage, various applications stop working properly.

In this case, the only thing left is to have external memories that allow downloading all the required content, but sometimes there is no possibility to get one and in cases where files need to be downloaded urgently, whether at work or at school, the most viable option is Remove the largest applications.

However, this is not the only option we have to free up space, below, we show you some alternatives that have been validated by Google support To free up space on Android and improve device performance.

How to free up storage and memory on Android?

The reasons why we need to free up space are varied from downloading more apps, improving device performance or simply freeing up space in the required time.

It is important to be clear that storage space is not the same as memory space, on the one hand, memory space is where programs are executed and on the other hand, storage space is where multimedia files or documents are saved.

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Option 1. delete photos and videos that are not used daily; Before deleting all multimedia contents, make a backup in the . format Google Photos For this you will only need an internet connection.

Option 2. delete downloaded content; To achieve this you just have to reach google apps, Go to option food menu then to Adjust, Click the option Downloads Finally in delay. In the same way, disable the file Automatic Downloads.

Option 3. Clear the cache To do this, all you have to do is go to the option Adjust in the device list and perform a word search cache and choose Clear cache and data. It should be noted that after deleting the data, some applications may take time to launch.

Option 4. remove or delete files; google files It is one of the best apps to free up space, it offers cleaning recommendations, search for duplicate content, organize screenshots and manage files by creating a backup in leaderso keeping files in storage memory is no longer necessary, it also improves device performance.

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