Magali Madina compares Mike Bahia to a plant for not being attracted to La Vos Pereira Video Fordula NDC | People

She began her show on Thursday, July 8, dancing to a song The presenter pointed out that after completing his dance steps, the presence of the Colombian singer in Peru went unnoticed because of the “La Vos Pere” show “No one saw it.”

“I wanted to enter with the song of the famous Colombian Mike Bahia who is with Crazy because he was here in our country, but no one noticed and continued through a TV channel, but the worst thing was, it’s a tribute to Mike Bahia who loves his songs so much. Didn’t see (for ‘La Vos Pere’) “, The presenter commented at the beginning of “Magali TV: Law Firm”.

“What a pity! It’s true that a national production that invests so much money does not work and does not suit the tastes of the people. So the producers have to think about what happened when ‘I brought Guillermo Devila, I brought Mike Bahia’, but you have to see that they are not just names. Guillermo Davila is not a character who is sympathetic to the people, he belongs to my generation and to the soap operas that people my age have seen. ” He added between laughs.

Finally, Medina compares singer Mike Bahia to a jury on “La Vos Perei” because he is considered a musician “It’s not obvious.”

“And Mike Bahia, it’s true that young boys watch him, but as a character he’s a plant. You put a plastic plant here that has a longer lifespan than Mike Bahia on a TV show. Magpie is here (in his set) than Mike Bahia on a TV show. (His characteristic teddy) is not even obvious, but hey what am I going to do, I’m criticizing, that’s what I’m doing “, Commented.

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