María Corina Machado supports the appointment of Edmundo González Urrutia as a unitary candidate: “Venezuelans, we are moving forward”

María Corina Machado supports the nomination of Edmundo González Urrutia as a single candidate: “Venezuelans, we are moving forward” (AP Photo/Arianna Cubillos)

Leader of Opposition Maria Corina Machado The unanimous resolution of Democratic United Platform (PUD) to appoint ex-diplomat Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia As the unitary presidential candidate for the July 28 elections, he reaffirmed his commitment to continue the electoral path of the Venezuelan people.

Machado said in a brief message on his social networks: “Venezuela, we are moving forward!”.

Sell ​​VenezuelaThe political party led by Maria Corina also spoke through a statement on the X platform.

We celebrate this decision and thank Venezuela for its trust.. In the next few hours, Maria Corina Machado will send a message to the country. “We're moving forward!” says the publication.

For its part, Corina Yoris, María Corina Machado's replacement was unable to register for the race during the deadline. National Election Council (CNE), has expressed its support for the appointment of the former diplomat as the standard bearer of the opposition due to the blocking of PUD cards.

Message of support on social networks of María Corina Machado

We have a candidate and with the united support of the Democratic Unitary Platform and Maria Corina Machado, and of course, with my support. Unity above all else“Yoris revealed on his social networks.

Meanwhile, the candidate Manuel Rosales He, who decided this Friday to withdraw his candidacy for the July 28 presidential election to support the PUD candidate, promised that the unity achieved would help defeat the regime. Nicolás Maduro.

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Today we honor our word before the country and the world, with a gesture that consolidated the unanimous candidacy of Edmundo González to defeat Nicolás Maduro on July 28. As we have always said, Venezuela's future must come first“said Rosales in X, who signed up for the An Nuevo Tiempo party (UNT).

A notification issued earlier by the Executive Secretary of PUD, Omar Barbosaand by the UNT, which took place after a meeting between the representatives of the parties forming the coalition, in which the candidacy of González Urrutia was confirmed.

In the next few hours, before the CNE, which has set this Saturday, April 20, as the deadline to change the nomination, Rosales is expected to officially announce the withdrawal of the nomination and the change will be reflected in the voting ballot. .

Corina Yoris expressed her support for the appointment of a former diplomat as the opposition's standard bearer (REUTERS).

Now the unitary candidate has been registered by the PUD, initially provisionally, because of the ban on the part of the CNE, Maria Corina Machado, who was approved by the coalition to nominate Corina Yoris – who won the October primaries – could not register. A disqualification that bars him from holding elected public office until 2036.

For his part, Rosales, who registered as the deadline for filing nominations closed, said he was trying to keep his candidacy with the opposition in the presidential election because most of the registrants do not enjoy traditional support. Anti-Chavismo believes that they receive concessions from the dictatorship in exchange for splitting the vote.

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This was supported by various opposition parties and political figures Gonzalez UrrutiaUnderscoring the importance of unity and collective effort for Venezuela's future.

The Popular Will Party said through its social networks: “Venezuela: Edmundo González Urrutia is our candidate! Today, Ambassador González becomes our presidential candidate to defeat Nicolás Maduro by unanimous decision of the Unitary Platform..

Manuel Rosales decided to withdraw his candidacy for the July 28 presidential election to support the PUD candidate (REUTERS/Isaac Urrutia).

Andres VelasquezPresident of La Causa R, shared his enthusiasm for the election in X: “We did it. In a historic decision and commitment to the nation, the Platform of Democratic Unity unanimously decides the candidacy of Dr. Edmundo González. “United we are going to achieve change.”

For its part, Telsa SolorzanoThe president of Encuentro Ciudadano highlighted the hard work that had been done to reach this consensus, expressing that the effort was worth it for the country's future.

Henrik Gabriels Radonsky He also joined the supporting voices.

In a message

With Edmundo González Urrutia already officially registered with the National Electoral Council (CNE), the presidential campaign is gearing up for a decisive contest for the Venezuelan people.

(With information from EFE, AFP and Europa Press)

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