Japan has warned of plans by the North Korean regime to launch a new satellite in the coming days

Warning over North Korea's plans to launch a satellite between May 27 and June 4 (AP/FILE)

The rule of North Korea Announced Japan His plan to launch a rocket Space satellite to him Yellow Sea and east of the island Luzon Between May 27 and June 4, announced this Monday Japanese Coast GuardMeanwhile, hostility remains high over the North's continued weapons tests.

The announcement came ahead of the tripartite summit between Japan, South Korea and China Scheduled for this Monday.

Officers America, Japan And South Korea He held phone conversations in response to the warning and shared what he believed to be a satellite with North Korea's ballistic missile technology. Violation of UN resolutionsJapan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

Officials agreed to request North Korea to cancel the planned launch, the ministry said in an emailed statement.

North Korea announced a satellite launch amid a summit between Japan, South Korea and China in Seoul (REUTERS/Kim Soo-hyeon)

Already on Friday, the South Korean military appeared to be preparing for North Korea to launch its offensive A second military spy satellite to space.

Seoul told local reporters at a briefing that North Korea had detected signs of activity at its main launch site believed to be preparations to launch a spy satellite. Dongchangri In the northwest. South Korean and US intelligence officials are closely monitoring North Korea's activities, the military said.

Last November, North Korea launched its first military spy satellite into orbit as part of an effort to build a space surveillance network to counter US-led military threats. North Korean leaderKim Jong UnHe later told a key ruling party meeting that his country would launch three additional military spy satellites by 2024.

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Content of this conference was shared with foreign media including Associated Press. The South Korean military did not immediately explain what North Korean activities had discovered in the Dongchang area.

Officials agreed to request North Korea to cancel the planned launch, the ministry said in an emailed statement (KCNA via REUTERS).

After launching his spy satellite Mallikiong-1 North Korea said on November 21 It broadcast images of major sites in the United States and South Korea, including the White House and the Pentagon. But it has not released any photos, raising widespread doubts about its satellite's capabilities.

In recent months, North Korea has carried out a series of missile tests to expand its arsenal. Analysts say North Korea may feel that a large arsenal will increase its leverage in future diplomacy with the United States.

Last week, South Korea said North Korea had fired several short-range missiles off its east coast. North Korea later said it had tested a tactical ballistic missile with a new autonomous navigation system.

(With information from Reuters and AP)

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