Peralta clarifies what he said about Donald Guerrero’s case

While acting as Legal Adviser to the Administrative Authority, Antonio PeraltaAsked about the Public Ministry’s case against former Finance Minister Donald Guerrero, he confirmed that due process must be respected, along with other fair cases.

Additionally, Peralta noted Administrative authority There is an order that officials should not interfere with justice and, in particular, judicial matters Office of the Attorney General of the Republic.

“With this case and all of them, I’m a champion of due process,” the official told reporters. And he added: “I’m not saying he’s disrespected. In all cases of justice, my opinion and my personal approach is that the law should respect due process for all citizens subject to the judicial process.

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Today, the administration’s counsel reiterated in a tweet that it is in favor of respecting due process for all defendants. But he limited himself to a media outlet, saying, “It is superficial to say that I am demanding respect for the rights of a particular defendant. Handling«.

It is recalled that when he was head of the treasury in the administration of Danilo Medina, the persecution organization opened a process against Guerrero for alleged corruption crimes.

In this regard, the senator of the province, Elias Pina, Euan LawrenceThe director of the Office of Special Prosecutions Against Administrative Corruption (PEPCA), Yeni Berenice Reynoso, assured that the media “deliberately” leaks information about people with judicial process.

The congressman mentioned in those terms against the lawyer, due to the difference between him and the Attorney General of the Republic, Magistrate Miriam German Brito, on the request for the financial folder of the former minister. Tax authorities.

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In this sense, Berenice Reynoso kept the investigations of the former official confidential. “He does not want to accept Miriam German’s request. He refuses to hand over the folder against the law. However, it leaks information to the media that damages the life and dignity of a person under investigation,” Lorenzo said.

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