Marco Asensio and Isco save “potatoes” and Real Madrid take advantage again against Alcoano


86 ‘ Double change in Madrid. Alaba and Rodrigo leave. Enter the season debutants Vallejo and Tony Cephalos.

78 ‘ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, Isco dissolves everything after a replay. Alcoano left.

77 ‘ Cruz and Isco entered the match with a score of 1-2 for Gemwinka and Hazard.


70 ‘ Real Madrid suffer yellow card for Emanol del Alcயano


60 ‘ Change the alkaloid three times. Julie, Raul Gonzalez and Emanol Garcia enter. Carlos Blanco, Fran Miranda and Andy leave.

55 ‘ Real Madrid are quiet on the scoreboard, but be careful that Alcoano is waiting for its moment.

50 ‘ Milito throws two tubes to stand in front of the match area. Unpacked. Foul and yellow for the carbuncle dropping him from behind.

47 ‘ Mariano laments a puncture, the striker goes without gear, and Asencio prepares.

Start the second half!

45 ‘ Real Madrid beat Alcoano in the Copa del Rey, with Mildo scoring through a header.

43 ‘ Mildavo’s goal was the same, and he headed back to the Alcoano field.


37 ‘ Rodrigo’s shot from outside the area leading to the side of Alcoano’s frame.

35 ‘ Lunin saves again, is shot from outside the area and the Ukrainians dismiss well.

32 ‘ UFFFF Casemiro raised his leg a lot and was almost saved from the yellow after Ferris hit Garcia. The play is dangerous.

29 ‘ Gemwinka’s error in the beginning, the same Frenchman recovers, but gives Alcoyano a corner kick.

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26 ‘ Although he has not played the official game since last year, Lunin is playing well.

23 ‘ Mariano does not find the hole to hit the shot in that area and collides with Carlos Blanco.

17 ‘ Good game for Kemawinka who is trying to recover the balls and attack the team.

12 ‘ Casimiro’s ball bounced off the side. Real Madrid is very embarrassing and does not have the ability to create risk above.

8 ‘ Brazilian player Salva Militao pushed the right wing looking for Vega. Real Madrid have no defense.

6 ‘ Carbonel leaves Rodrigo and the Madrid players ask for yellow to the side.

4 ‘ Saved online! Camavinga picks up the ball to avoid the first ball against Real Madrid. The shot was taken by Carlos Blanco.

3 ‘ Close Alcoano! Tony Vega appears and takes a shot, sending Lunin a corner kick.

2 ‘ Rodrigo was separated from the right, but included a center looking for Carbonal Mariano.

1 ‘ An important game for Cephalos, the midfielder could play again.

Start the party in El Cola!

Confirmed alignments:

Real Madrid: Lunin; Nacho, Militao, Alaba, Marcelo; Camewinka, Casemiro, Valverde; Rodrigo, Mariano and Hazard

Alcoano: Jose Juan; Lillo, Primi, Carlos Blanco, Carbonell; Fran Miranda, Juanan, Anton, Andy; Danny Vega and Maurat.

In the 32nd round of the last edition of the Copa del Rey (2-1 after the extension): on CD Alcoyano (D3), Real Madrid will face the modest team that knocked them out in the 32nd round, the same level of competition.

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The team playing Honduran’s Jonah Magia wants to repeat last year’s record.

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Real Madrid reached the match after their appearance against Getafe in the Spanish League, which was a tough blow, which caused them to lose the comprehensive advantage they had over Sevilla.

Alcயano comes from the first round of the Copa del Rey, where they beat Intercity 2-1, in the next round they knocked out Spain’s first division team, Lovande.

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