The winning candidate in Ecuador is Guillermo Lasso

(CNN) – Former Conservative banker Guillermo Lasso is the winning candidate in the second round Sunday’s presidential election in Ecuador, After defeating left-wing economist Andres Aras.

Guillermo Lasso received more than 52% of the vote, with more than 98% of the vote, according to data released by the Ecuadorian National Electoral Council (CNE).

CNE chairwoman Diana Atmint said on Sunday that the company’s full session would hold a public hearing until next Wednesday to hear and announce the official results of the second round of elections.

Guillermo Lasso supporters celebrate in Guayaquil, Ecuador. (Photo by Gerardo Menoscle / Getty Images / Getty Images)

“Democracy has won. The people of Ecuador, all of you, are exercising your right to choose your new choice. Lasso held He addressed a rally of supporters in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Araz, the defender of former President Rafael Korea, quickly acknowledged his defeat and congratulated Guillermo Lasso on his victory.

“I am going to congratulate Mr. Lasso on winning today’s election.” Aras said in a speech. “We are a responsible and democratic actor in Ecuador.”

The current President of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, Guillermo congratulated Lasso, saying “democracy has won.”

Other leaders And officials from various Latin American organizations reported on the elections in Ecuador.

Guillermo Lasso will take office on May 24.

With information of Stefano Posepon in Bogot

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