Danilo is not yet listed as a PLD presidential candidate

Nearly seven hours after the meeting, the Dominican Liberation Front (PLD) political committee yesterday announced the potential candidates for the 2024 election for the presidency.

To date, seven people have put forward their intentions, PLD general secretary Charles Mariotti said, adding that the issue was overlooked at the meeting.

However, the former Monte Plata senator clarified that they are “presidential candidates” and that the purple party laws require candidates to be approved by the Central Committee.

Still, the first step was taken by Gonzalo Castillo, the former Minister of Public Works and the PLD’s last presidential candidate; Former Vice President Margarita Cedeno and Mayor of Santiago Abel Martinez.

Similarly, Mariotti mentioned former Environment Minister Francisco Tomanjuus Brito, former Labor Minister Maritza Hernandez and former Education Minister Andres Navarro and Carlos Amarante Barrett.

The list is not yet finalized as the political committee has promised that the PLD’s “renewal process” will be even younger so that more names can be added to the group of applicants.

“They’re not all, everyone is,” Mariotti said.

When the PLD secretary promised that those who wanted the presidential candidacy would meet with him and party leader Danilo Medina, the committee noted potential candidates at an earlier meeting.

“Interested parties should meet with the party leader and general secretary so that guidelines are drawn up with the intention that it does not contradict the process of change and restructuring for the selection of new middle officials and party bases,” he explained. Mariotti, in the middle of last March.

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