Managing Espacio Joven de Gamonal will cost €60,000 per year – Noticias y Actualidad de Burgos

The Burgos City Council is currently evaluating Municipal Youth Space Management Scholarships, with a contract for a total cost of €236,000, or about €59,000 per year.

The aim is to provide a space for young people, between the ages of 14 and 30, to carry out activities of a social, cultural and recreational nature. In addition, it seeks to promote personal development and interpersonal relationships.

The company or temporary corporate association that is awarded must promote activities that promote self-esteem and healthy habits, as well as initiatives that prevent the consumption of harmful substances.

The government team has chosen to manage this space to be separated from the station, which is currently operated through an agreement with the University of Burgos, as it targets a different audience in terms of age.

The new contract will be signed for a period of two years, with the possibility of extending it for another two years. If the extension is not made, the final cost of the contract will be 118,140 euros.

In terms of the personnel that will house the new youth space, in addition to any implementation submitted by the applicant companies, six positions are expected to be employed: Activities and Projects Controller, 1 Leisure and Leisure Monitors, and Leisure and Freebies Coordinator. time. Of course, none of them work full time.

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