Amazing makeup by Geraldine Bazan

actress Geraldine Bazan passes through a good The moment when both are on the plane workers as professional. Thus, in a recent interview, A Diary A lot of work Tightness But it connects perfectly with his work mother of his daughters Eliza Mary And Alexa MirandaThe fruit of her relationship with Galata Gabriel Soto. Likewise, the Popularity Mexican agreed That Finds out A relationship with a feeling Male Purposeless Art.

Geraldine Bazan is going through a great personal and professional moment.

now, Geraldine Bazan Surprised everyone Change of It seems Where is long The hair seen before. Through their stories instagramThe actress showed off her new style A show the hair Further short And absolutely Straight up. According to the video she posted, the actress mentioned that she has left the stylist Sebastian Guzman I can make you waves within it the hair.


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