Major blackout in Cuba due to shortfall of nearly 1,000 megawatts

Massive blackout This Monday occurred in Cuba as a result of breakdowns at the country’s largest thermoelectric plant and the energy crisis it is experiencing, which is causing problems with fuel supplies.

After predicting a shortfall of 329 MW, the Electricity Union of Cuba (UNE) To realize that the deficit is high, It can reach almost 1,000 MW during peak hours.

This was reported in his letter Social websites Director of Information Systems of Cuban Television, Official Journalist Lazaro Manuel AlonsoThe unexpected event was attributed to breakdowns at the Matanzas thermoelectric plant and the effects of the energy crisis.

Screenshot Facebook / Lázaro Manuel Alonso

“The departure of CDE Antonio Gutierrez and problems with fuel logistics are causing a shortage of production capacity in Cuba. Moa engines are being delivered, a similar process will start early in the morning with unit 6 in Mariel. Blackout at 8:30 pm at 937 MW,” Alonso said.

A new breakdown at Madanzas Power Plant, the country’s most productive, That leaves the National Electricity System back on the canvas.

Screenshot Facebook / Lázaro Manuel Alonso

For many Cubans, UNE’s information is part of the regime’s strategy to address the crumbling of its infrastructure, lack of investment, and Cuba’s general crisis. As such, breakdowns and incidents have been reported They are viewed with suspicion as part of the justifications for an opaque regime that is careful to expose its weaknesses..

However, the UNE in its communication has been sensibly reporting a reality pointed out by experts and affected by the majority of the population, which is worsening fuel shortages. Cuban Energy Crisis.

Despite the increase in oil exports from VenezuelaThe Cuban regime continues to play a balancing act in its games, with one eye on Moscow and the other on Washington as the evidence leaks confirm. The participation of Cuban mercenaries in the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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Screenshot Facebook / UNE

This Monday, UNE again announced that Mariel Unit 6 was “out of service due to low fuel levels”, which have appeared periodically in recent weeks. Information notesAbove all it has to do with the inaction of the Turkish gangs employed by the Cuban regime.

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