Paraguay’s former goalkeeper failed in his bid to become president

Sylvard ran for president in Paraguay under the slogan “Proud to be Paraguayan”.However, his proposals and his reputation as a former Paraguayan goalkeeper did not serve him well. It did not even reach 1% of the vote in Paraguay’s presidential election.

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In the present elections held on Sunday, Contesting on behalf of the Youth Force Youth Party, he managed to collect only 0.7% of the votes in over 90% of the polling stations. The turnout is said to be less than the 1% to 1.2% polls predict.

With the motto “Proud to be Paraguayan”, Silvarte tried to enter the ‘heart’ of all Paraguayans.Since his campaign had education expert Sophia Clara Skeet as his vice presidential candidate, Proposals are not sufficient to achieve a high percentage of acceptance.

According to data provided by Trep and Ole newspaper, 21,623 Paraguayans voted for the former goalkeeper and its rivals Sandy Peña from the Colorado Party and Efrain Alegre, the candidate of the main opposition coalition, with 1,176,055 and 749,691 voters, respectively.

With this defeat, he has already added two to politicsok In 2014 he tried to be a candidate for the member of Vélez Even as a general image, this is not enough Raúl Camus won with 65% of the vote in his favor, while Sylvaert got 35%.

Paraguay Vote Percentage:

Sandi pen: 43.29%

Efrain Alegre: 27.53%

Bio Cubas: 22.43%

Euclides Acevedo: 1.35%

José Luis Sylvard: 0.79%

Luis Alegre: 0.57%

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