Magaly Medina clarifies Gisela Valcárcel, ‘Peluchín’ is the only TV character who has seen her cry Rodrigo González Farándula RMMN | programs

The famous ‘Señito’ addressed a strong message to Gisela Valcárcel last Monday night in the program “Magaly TV: La Firme” when she returned to the screens of “El Gran Show” last Saturday.

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That’s how ‘Urraqa’ breaks down Ethel Bozo’s mother’s speech point by point and devotes a large part of the airtime to ATV. As she pointed out- make it clear that the blonde presenter is not what she said and give her version.

“Gisela Valcarcel 25 years have passed, but I did not lie; However, you lie with such confidence that it scares me, it gives me goosebumps how much of a liar you can be. Or what your suddenly sick mind has created”He pointed out at the beginning.

“Maybe sometimes you wanted me to be your friend, you to be my confidant, and for me to tell you things and cry in front of you. Those who know me know that I am very hard to cry, I have to get wet like this, look, he pours water in his eyes) so a couple of tears come out, because tears do not come easily.He added,

“There are things in life that move me. I cry more easily over a romantic movie than over an event in my daily life (…) but I do not cry with the facts of my personal life When I cry it’s with the friends I love, my confidants, my family, not a stranger like you”, Accurate.

Explaining that he got together with Gisela Valcárcel at the 2013 NATPE televised exhibition in Miami, “Señito” explained that her husband, Javier Carmona, told her the details of her infidelity with Tula Rodríguez. Magali Medina returned to the accusation to reaffirm that her colleague was never her “tear cloth”.

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“Let’s put things in their place Gisela, don’t fool people, if anyone has seen me cry on TV, it’s probably Rodrigo Gonzalez.When he was my friend, because he was my confidant, my ,tear cloth,, I was his, but you don’t have that right.He remembered.

And punishment:I will not cry with you, not like Magdalena, not even like a crocodile, I will not cry with a woman I never respected. I sympathized with her telling me how her husband had betrayed her that night with Tula Rodriguez..

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