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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Well know that Biller Rubio An extraordinary professional who has opened more than one mouth with his immense talent. But now, the artiste is back in the news all over the digital entertainment media after a potential break-up with her husband Sergio Ramos.

Television anchor He did not attend the soccer player’s mother’s birthday, which has created doubts in the press, among his followers and even family members, because we know very well that the couple has always been seen together on any occasion, but everything indicates that they are celebrities. Can’t get over their best moments.

in this situation, Biller Rubio He packed his bags and moved to Paris with Sevillian to accompany him on his new adventure as a Paris Saint-Germain player. Upon Sergio’s departure from Real Madrid, the Rubio-Ramos family settled in Neuilly-sur-Seine, one of the most glamorous neighborhoods in the French capital.

Driver’s husband He is in Seville to celebrate his mother Baki’s birthday. So the footballer used his days off to visit his family in the farm he owns in Andalusia, where they celebrated their wedding anniversary.

“Mom, congratulations. Today we celebrate your birthday, but every day we celebrate how lucky we are to have you by our side. We love you so much and appreciate you, mom. Those are emotional words Pilar’s husband He dedicated it to his mother on his social network.

While Sergio is with his family in his home country, Biller Rubio They have decided to stay with their children in Madrid, where they have the opportunity to enjoy the well-known turning point of Christmas lights in Torrejon de Artos, Madrid. This is the reason why she is not supportive of her husband and the father of her children.

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