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Madison Anderson and Kahn Davis Break Up! After many speculations about his emotional state, the winner of “La casa de los famosos 3” finally confirmed his bachelor status in Telemundo’s “Al rojo vivo” program.

As we remember, when he entered the hit reality show, The Model and singer kept 3 month relationship with businessman. However, this would have ended shortly after the young woman won the competition.

However, What happened between the two? Did Pepe Gámez have anything to do with the breakup? The following lines reveal everything we know about separating these American celebrities.

Madison Anderson announced as one

Since its completion “Celebrity House 3”, Madison Anderson He avoided mentioning his love life. Every time they asked her about her boyfriend Con DavisThe young woman wanted to focus her success on the project Telemundo.

However, this changed the past Monday May 1. During an interview on the show “Red Hot”, Stephen of Lourdes He asked the young woman: And what happened? Are they together or not?”Referring to their love.

So, the beauty queen simply said: “I’m alone”. Immediately, a Dominican journalist reported it: “Madison is single, and here she says it exclusively on ‘El Rojo Vivo.'”

Madison Anderson was the winner of the third season of “La casa de los famosos” (Photo: Telemundo Realities / Instagram)

Why did Madison Anderson break up with Khan Davis?

Madison Anderson He did not give further details about the breakup. However, various users of social networks consider his closeness Pepe GameusThe third finalist of the reality show TelemundoThat has something to do with it.

Although the two have denied being in a relationship beyond friendship, their fans have already given them nicknames “Pepison”. For many, their chemistry was palpable, and it reflected when they were together on the project.

So far it is known that both the celebrities are single. However, his followers are not afraid to wait for love to knock on their doors.

Conn Davis and Madison Anderson when they were in a relationship (Photo: Conn Davis / Instagram)

What did Conn Davis say about her breakup?

These rumors have grown stronger and stronger. Above all, if we consider the testimony Con Davis. According to the account @Kismecito channel of instagramex-boyfriend Madison would have answered “Ask Pep” When asked about the model.

Is this a confirmation of the speculations surrounding the connection between Pepe Gameus And the beauty queen? Only time will tell…

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