Anglica Rivera’s daughter defends herself from criticism with a strong message

Anglica Rivera’s daughter defends herself from criticism with a strong message And because she is supported by her mother, she is done with what others think of her body, and she loves herself as much as she does, which is why many admire her bravery.

Fernanda Castro, Daughter Angelica Rivera Although he deeply admires the women in his family, he still admires being a little more independent soul, thus gaining the reputation of thousands of women on social networks for his openness and how straightforward he is about issues. Feminist in nature.

Although his sisters, Sofia Castro Y Regina Castro Pretending to follow in the footsteps of Angelica Rivera Performance, Fernanda Castro He wanted to follow his call to music, and on different occasions he showed some talent with some musical instruments and singing.

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Shelter this time, Fernanda Castro Transformed by intense yoga practices and vegetarian diets, he not only made his followers feel better, but also renewed his style and is now proud of the beauty he has gained. Angelica Rivera.

Fernanda Castro, daughter of Anglica Rivera, teaches self-love and courage

A few hours ago, when Fernando Castro shared a picture of her day-to-day style, Angelica Rivera’s daughter was traveling, not hesitating to waste beauty with a simple black color that exposed part of her chest. With loose hair and red lips, the young woman received dozens of compliments and reviews.

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While some called her a goddess, others pointed out that she should cover herself more. The Daughter of Anglica Rivera She was clear, pointing out that the problem with her body was that her dress was something that would not compete with anyone other than hers. Through his stories, he gave a strong message, with which he made it clear that all criticism was superfluous.

Anglica Rivera's daughter defends herself from criticism with a strong message.  Bexels

Fernanda Castro gave a very clear message.

Unlike his older sister, Sofia Castro and her sister Regina Castro, Fernanda Castro She can add pride to her carefree attitude, support for feminism and women’s freedom and her mother Anglica Rivera.

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Currently daughter Angelica Rivera He is close to completing his studies in music composition at one of the most prestigious schools in the world, followed by his mother, his father being a producer Jose Alberto Castro His honesty has made him one of my favorites on social media.

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