LUMA Energy alleges that it complied with the judge’s order to provide the information

Federation LUMA Energy He filed a motion in San Juan High Court this Friday alleging that he complied with the House of Representatives’ request for information.

“After all, this esteemed court must determine whether Luma complied with the order of October 28, 2021, declare opposition to the contempt motion, refuse the first, second and third movement for contempt, and file a lawsuit,” reads the 108-page motion.

After examining the motion, Judge Anthony Cuevas Ramos, the legal representative of the People’s Representative Louis Ral Torres, asked that the Luma be insulted by describing the federation’s movement as a “mockery” of the judicial process. Inspecting documents “allegedly closed by irresponsible concessions” behind closed doors. Legal representation argues that the court order is to provide the documents to Torres and not to the court for review.

The privatization company, for example, said that liaison with the Public-Private Partnership Authority (AAPP) between Atco, Quanta Services and Innovative Services Management could be submitted to the court “under secret seal”. These companies form a consortium called LUMA Energy. The company describes these communications as “confidential documents” that can only be inspected behind closed doors.

Behind closed doors, it also reveals the names of its regional directors.

Luma Energy said it was trying to identify whether there was a link between Adco, Quanta and the Financial Monitoring Board, and whether there was a link between Adco and Quanta with public administration. Proponents of the competitive bidding process and third parties were strictly prohibited.

In the labor sector, there are 3,593 employees, including a total of 273 tax employees as of October 1, although in the consecutive schedule they are classified under different categories. They have 34 substation technicians and 451 customer service staff.

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“The information described above is relevant and satisfying,” the company said in a statement.

Of the total staff, as of October 1, 479 were former employees of the Electricity Board.

In operation, Luma argues that the company’s own funding from the award of the exchange and distribution contract is only to develop a vocational program.

“The vocational training program offered by LUMA is the U.S. Department of Labor’s first registered training program for workers in Puerto Rico,” the movement said.

The company presented the company’s emergency management plan in its motion, making it clear that a joint agreement had not been signed with the mayor of San Sebastian, the mayors have seven contacts.

The Luma did not go beyond the information it revealed to Congress that the salaries of five vice presidents earning more than $ 200,000 a year and the salaries of six “top executives”, including its chairman, Wayne Stensey, would be paid “at no cost.” For customers “. Stensby’s salary alone exceeds $ 500,000 per year.

In hiring law firms, as part of the transition process between awarding the contract and last June 1, and in the context of working with AAPP alone, the company spent $ 5.2 million, including $ 1.2 million through ATCO. In the case of Luma, DLA Piper was the most profitable company with $ 4 million. The administration of the exchange and distribution system has already begun.

Luma has spent $ 6 million, most of which, during the transition process, on law firms for jobs unrelated to AAPP.

Luma noted that he did not hire campaigners.

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In written statements, the people’s representative Louis Raul Torres LUMA Energy pointed out that the court order was not complied with.

“It simply came to our notice then. Standing To prosecute. This is nothing new, ”Torres said, arguing that Judge Anthony Cuevas had failed to provide Ramos with the necessary documentation.

However, Torres commented that whether or not LUMA Energy complies is in the hands of Cuevas Ramos.

“Those are the same arguments that have already been put forward in the contempt trial,” he commented. “In addition, they presented some documents and asked the judge to look at them in the room so that the judge could determine whether they were confidential, as Luma says,” the legislator added. “Our position is that LUMA has not complied with the court order. Judge Anthony Cuevas should enforce the Ramos contempt order and order the arrest and imprisonment of LUMA leader Wayne Stainsby, ”he concluded.

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