Lucia Montes condemned Cர்டrdoba de Molina for sexual harassment

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Lucia Montez denies that El Cordo de Molina touched her badly: [VIDEO]

Many are popular Latin is subject to abuse and touch By other celebrities, who dared to denounce it publicly. This time, after showing a video many years ago for the YouTube project Sism No Like, it is clear how Raúl de Molina catches Lucia Montez in the air, and the Mexican actress and singer denies that it really is Victim of harassment The so-called Crdoba de Molina.

Delanovela’s protagonist “Colorina” spoke with hosts Javier Ceriani and Elisa Peristine, where he did not confirm it. Subject to touch El Cordo o la Flacca by the host of the TV show, by contrast Gave details of what happened.

EXCLUSIVE! Lucia Mendes Cர்டrdoba de Molina! INDECOROUS GRIP – Victim Abuse – CNLLucia Mendes was not silent and was captured by Raல்l de Molina on the embarrassing moment she lived in the Cோrdoba o la Flacca project. #chismenolike #elisaberistain #javierceriani #chisme #espectaculos #ntentertainment #show #farandula #memedeldia #showbusiness #lovienchismenolike #rauldemolina #luciamendez No gossip members 13: 43Z

“(When it happened) I said to him: ‘Hey, fat man, what’s wrong with you? What is the matter? (And the animator replied): ‘No, no, nothing, this is a joke’. This is what happened. I remember very well the moment he picked up my bubbles. I was honest, I did nothing (at the time), but when the cuts came, I said: Why did he order so much? What fat? I do not behave like that. ‘No, it’s a joke,’ he told me, ” said the translator of the Heart of Stone.
Prior to Lucia Montes’ revelation, Elsa Peristaine pointed to Cோrdoba de Molina: “If a diva from Mexico and Latin America had the baldness to do that, imagine what would have happened to the women who climbed into the Jacuzzi with him.”

How Molina’s fat man in trouble and Lucia Montes “Toketio” | Giros MycovaganRaல்l de Molina has been embroiled in controversy following the mention of singer Lucia Montez when the TV presenter “touched” her. # GirosMichoacán # Canal13Michoacán Enjoy Andy Gillumin, Alex Herrera and Katya Quintero in Giros Michoacan at the best press conference across the state of Michoacan. Monday to Friday2021-04-23T19: 15: 01Z

Lucia Montes promised to make a plan soon about the #MeToo Latin movement, in which she said she had already been abused and recalled the incident with the Univision host, which stressed that it was a lot of annoyance to her, but D said Molina wanted to leave.

“She is OK. I was so angry, so upset, it was going to show me. He said ‘Excuse me Lucia. It was a joke … then I walked out, I haven’t seen El Cordo or anything for a long time, ”the singer said. “Too bad. I feel bad because it’s not a beautiful moment, not for him or me, it’s definitely not pleasant, frankly.”

The translator was adamant and warned: “I will definitely explain it. Yes, it is disrespectful, frankly. But he apologized to me. I tell you it happened to me (abuse). Faced with the facts, you can not say that it is not true for the rest of my life.” I was honest, it happened, it was disgusting.It fascinated me.I do not know what is happening in humanity and every time we see more and more things we are amazed.

Lucia Montez’s complaint comes after singer Virgie Lopez denounced the young Cuban for touching the buttocks of the young woman on three occasions while attending the El Corto o la Flacca in the famous Jacuzzi section.

RAÚL DE MOLINA Jacuzzi | Allegedly going over READY in live rumorsEl Cordo de Molina has a strong indictment by Virgi Lopez, who promises that he was approached by the host on his live show. Don’t miss the live show on Estrella at 4/3 C in the evening with exclusive information. Find Estrella TV in your city: Elisa Peristaine / Elisa Peristaine Javier Ceriani /2021-04-20T18: 00: 08Z

The singer promised that the situation would be very embarrassing, even though at first he thought it was an accident, he saw how the animator did it again, so at the end of the show, he left the studio and did not return, although he was called back.

Despite allegations of corruption by Lucia Montez and Virg against Cர்டrdoba de Molina and the denial that this behavior was created in the networks, Cuba has not mentioned the issue and is still waiting.

The last post he posted on his Instagram shows that he is on vacation in Washington, with his wife, celebrating his daughter’s 21st birthday, but he made no mention of Lucia Mundes.

Some of his fans have questioned him about the complaint and asked him to face what the entertainment show reported. “Why are you shutting up? No rumors. We’m not going to leave” and “Is it true what Ral is telling us about the Jacuzzi ???”, Cordo de Molina’s followers had some comments on the matter that started their networks.

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