Lupilo Rivera proposed to Giselle Choto with a dollar ring!

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Lupilo Rivera He gave something to talk about once again, but this time it was not about his relationship with Belinda and the controversy over the tattoo he did on his face, it was about the ring he gave Giselle Sodo When he proposed to her, she agreed that it was a dollar.

With a commitment of Christian Nodal O Belinda Although Lubilo Rivera asked his then-girlfriend, he promised that if he had come for his protection and decided to promise the entrepreneur that he did not know much about the star couple of the moment it would have been there before.

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It was Giselle Sodo Interviewer for the show “Hoy Dia”, revealed when it was funeral rites His father, in May of this year, called “Corrido’s bull“He approached the young woman’s mother to ask permission to marry her daughter, at which point she gave him a dollar ring.

Giselle Soto mentioned later Lupilo Rivera During the funeral she asked her aunt for a dollar bill so she could design it into an engagement ring and give it to her at that moment: “If this woman accepts the dollar ring she is the right one.”

Lupilo Rivera and his wife Giselle Choto. Photo: Instagram gorgizz

Choto was related when he met the singer Covit-19 International DistributionHe was the one who contacted her on Instagram and when they finally met they immediately fell in love, at that moment Lupilo Rivera He said he would marry her one day.

Note for Belinda?

That phrase, mentioned by Gisele Choto during the interview, would have been a “test” once she got the engagement ring, reminding fans of Lubilo Rivera’s controversial statements against Belinda.

Matrich of the Rivera family said in an interview that Belinda was a woman who “only wanted money” and celebrated the removal of her son’s tattoo with the face of the “Angel” singer. Glad their relationship came to an end.

“Of course they are, nothing more than people not believing, or how the media is going to believe that I was with her. Well, I told Loop, ‘Look, that girl likes money,’ she replied. Well, I do not,” said Donna Rosa Chavetra.

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