Godzilla vs. Kong: science tells us who would actually win

After all this waiting, Godzilla vs. Kong – 85%, tape that closes a cycle for the call Cool monster that took off with Godzilla (2014) – 74%, starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen. Although the idea of ​​facing these fantastic titans is not new, doing it with current technological resources and in a world already accustomed to shared universes, served to generate high expectations that, in general, were met and exceeded.

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Since fans don’t let go with ease, theories for possible future events have already been created that focus more and more on monsters and not so much on poor humans who don’t have much choice beyond watching with fear and admiration alike. . Although in theory we are facing the closing of the story, the good response at the box office (with everything and a pandemic) suggests that the matter will not end here.

But beyond the history we have already seen, the question still remains of who defeats whom? Since the first trailer was released, the public was divided into two teams discussing the details of the match, but this battle was not limited to the fans. Many scientists were willing to realistically analyze King kong Y Godzilla whether it was for fun, genuine hypothetical interest or, of course, to capitalize on the media momentum. The ringer released an article where Nathaniel J. Dominy, an expert on primates, already Ryan Calsbeek, an expert in reptiles and amphibians (both specialists from Dartmouth University) proposed what the real fight between the two characters would be like.

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To achieve a fair debate, Dominate Y Calsbeek They decided to focus on three aspects that should realistically be taken into account in the fight between the two monsters. The anatomy of the animal is essential and the first thing to be observed. Godzilla It is similar in size and attitude to the dinosaurs of the Ceratosauridae family with some of the Lazarus Taxon, an animal that skips generations and is presumed extinct until it appears again. On your side, King kong It is basically a giant ape, but its size extrapolates the incredible strengths of common apes. An advantageous quality for Kong is that, unlike other primates, he has shorter arms and with control. However, Godzilla it has claws and a tail with which it knows how to hit.

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The second aspect that was taken into account was The geography. This does not refer to the qualities that each one obtains from the place where they are born, rather from the place where the confrontation takes place. For example, if you both end up in the ocean, the one that’s more familiar here gets the upper hand. Dominate explains that the weight and density of the muscles of Kong They would put him in trouble for mobility and he couldn’t swim. Calsbeek clarify that yes Godzilla It is similar to marine iguanas so it has a lot of advantage, as they adapt to radical temperature changes in the water. Of course, you also have to take into account the thermonuclear power that this monster has.

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The intelligence It is the third and last aspect that the experts took into account. At this point, both specialists agree that Kong has advantage. While Godzilla Seeming to move, act, and react in a more instinctive, and therefore violent way, Kong is able to feel more empathy with the humans around him. Although he reacts aggressively, he can also interact with people and the tapes have always given us to understand that he even falls in love.

Calsbeek says that the strength, endurance and adaptability of Godzilla they make him the clear winner in any scenario. On your side, Dominate ensures that the intelligence of Kong it would be enough to learn the weaknesses of your enemy and defeat him. This exercise between scientists was not the only one that was unveiled about the film, but what makes it different is that both specialists are also fans of these characters. So much Calsbeek What Dominate They grew up watching the old movies of these monsters and have seen them evolve in the cinema until this meeting. Although the film solves this dilemma, the truth is that this could be just the first battle between the two.

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