Lucerido Mizares: How much do Manuel and Lucero’s daughter charge for her performance?

Lucero Mizares He started his career at the age of 16It’s thanks to his parents’ encouragement of the teenager’s great talent and incredible voice. Now, after giving his first solo concerts and participating in “La caula de las locas”, he has not only received good reviews, but also his first income.

Daughter of Lucerito Lucero And Manuel Mijaras, who have been divorced for 10 years, They still have a good relationship, Mostly for the education of the heirs of the artistic talent of the singers.

Going back to the beginning of Lucerito’s career, The teenager has already received his first reviews, which are positive, In the world of acting, and every time he showed his best vocal talent. However, Lucerito did not confirm that he had already begun his career as an artist.

How much do you charge

It was Manuel Mijares is the person in charge of revealing in an interview how much money his daughter receives For his participation in the play, as well as for every show in which he appeared on stage with his parents. But to everyone’s surprise, the translator of “Love Soldier” confirmed his little girl So far not even a penny has been charged.

One of the reasons why it is not certain that Lucero’s daughter has already started her acting career is related to her continued focus on studies in the United States. Spend great moments with the cast of “La caula de las locas”.

In addition to his plans for the play, Lucerito has some appearances on stage with his mother. He collaborated with his father on the song “Silent Night”. He last participated with Manuel.

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