Sick and unemployed: On her full birthday, Sylvia Pinal’s daughter delivers devastating news in ‘Hoy’

Mexico City.- Daughter of the first actress Sylvia Pinal, Sylvia PascualHe shocked everyone with his two statements Televisa such as Aztec TV. The villain of melodrama for decades St. Angel But last year he returned Aztec TVHe spoke about their tribute to his mother fine arts He also gave a full scoop of exclusive information and responded to criticism of him in a devastating manner 92nd birthday of the Mexican diva.

A standout among melodramas like ‘La Pascual’ It’s my sin to love you, I love Juan Querentan, who died before Lichita, how poor, so rich Y Donna Flore and her two husbands, was a bit sad when talking about the negative comments he got for his tribute to Amma a few weeks ago. Remembered, Sylvia Pinal It lost its exclusive contract After several decades on Televisa in 2020, this year he tried to make a comeback in a drama, he saw. Sick Y A wheelchair was built.

A few months ago Sylvia Pinal was sick and confined to a wheelchair

Although the public as a whole was concerned for her well-being, she recovered because of her poor appearance, and in the last interviews she was given, she was much better. Now the Diva of golden cinema in Mexico He is celebrating his 92nd birthday this September 12, so his family is gearing up to celebrate it in the best possible way. In this sense, Silvia Pascual expressed exclusively in the morning Happiness will come And to him Today’s plan Some details of what they produce.

In his meeting with the press, he said how they will celebrate it: “A simple meal, my mother wanted it to be Mexican food, so we are going to make Mexican food for her.” Regarding the gift he plans to give his famous mother, Pascual commented: “I want to give her that way to take her out to eat, or I give her a game, I mean, my mom has a lot of things, what else can you do. Give her? The best affection. , love, kisses, hugs”.

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On the other hand, the popular soap opera villain took the opportunity to respond critics He received for the honor of arranging for the Matriarch Pinal dynasty Inside fine arts. Annoying but at the same time Moved Keeping her promise, she said: “Whoever likes it and likes it, all that matters to me is that we were all happy. I promised my mum I was going to pay tribute. fine arts I accomplished it”.

And he added: “No chili would suit them, but with what was there, what could be done, what could be arranged, the tribute was paid. All the tributes were screens, acrobats, that is, it was relaxed. The tribute , elegant, it did not have to be extravagant, because the day In the end the party here is Silvia Pinal,” he said. Same way, in the morning Happiness will comeSylvia used the opportunity to put an end to rumors of possible differences with her half-sister Alejandra Guzman.

“What happens is they always want to antagonize me with Alejandra, I don’t know why, I don’t know why they don’t antagonize me with Rossio or Marie Basso or my brother, maybe Alejandra has a very strong character, I’m clearly a back talker. That’s why they They always want to fight us, but me and my sister get along well, we are sisters, as you say, we have our differences, but that doesn’t mean we have any affection or respect”, she said, getting agitated over the matter.

On the rumor of his daughter Stephanie Chambers Dating an actor Humberto Zurita, replied: “Go ask her, do you think I’m engaging to see who she’s with? If she’s with him, that’s good, my Humberto is very handsome, he’s a pimp.” Finally, Pascual didn’t want to comment on his daughter-in-law’s legal troubles Frida SofiaAlejandra’s daughter, in America, may be taken to prison.

Look, if someone breaks the relationship with a family, if that person breaks the relationship, she is the one who has to close the relationship again,” he concluded.

Source: Tribune

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