Lucena City Council is considering creating its own space to house temporary workers

Another night, almost one more Twenty temporary workersMost of them Moroccans braved the extreme cold outdoors. Administrative obstacles Unexpected events, which sometimes occur when a final solution seems to be on track, continue to slow down the provision of temporary accommodation. City council and social groups They work, as a first option, with unlocking Local police booth It is located next to the old fairgrounds, attached to other departments Red Cross And Civil protection. In the city hall itself, in the outer corridors, some of these men were drawn into the crackdown Plural of olive.

Technicians and political leaders It will be celebrated by representatives of the social services area and representatives of local associations Tomorrow, Wednesday, 29 new meetings will be held with the aim of determining the urgent alternative. The facilities transferred to the local police, as well as the rudimentary municipal wing, are beginning to adapt, and if this temporary option is realized, the complex will consolidate some of the rooms into one room. Seven berths.

the Their local administration and these solidarity entities will agree on a protocol To identify users, during their daily attendance at the primary care center, where they come to use the shower and laundry services, prove their real status and extend their stay weekly or bi-weekly at the said location.

Reducing optimism among groups, Social Services Counselor Irene AguileraHe maintains a cautious tone and specifies that “there is no decision” and “no progress has been made.” However, he admits that assembling dedicated kiosks for security and emergency services “is the most viable option.” He laments, with some frustration, that we often “find things we have to save at the last minute,” referring to bureaucratic hurdles.

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He highlighted the “complete action” presented by the city council, adding, “It is not that easy. This is done often and we face obstacles that did not even occur to us.” The popular advisor prefers, at the present time, to omit any expectations regarding deadlines, because although she asserts that “the idea is to be as quickly as possible,” she admits, “I do not know when it will be.”

The position of the unions

In more general thinking, Aguilera contributes that “before” all farmers provided covered overnight accommodation to day laborers, “I don’t know why this issue changed.”

It has been since then School Friends Association, Antonio Moyanoreports indicate that two of these bystanders “were to start work on Tuesday” and that their employers “provided shelter for them.”

In the face of this unacceptable situation, unions demand that employers be responsible and adhere to regulations. by Workers’ Committees, Agustín JiménezRemember that the camp’s collective agreement states in its first appendix that “the employer must provide housing for them.” In this sense, the CCOO expresses doubts about whether the contracts comply with “current legislation” or “the terms of the agreement are not met.”

However, Jiménez says that “the image of seasonal workers sleeping on mattresses,” evident in Lucena, is “unfortunate and inappropriate in a sector that is the economic engine of the province” and links it to “terrible working conditions.”

from UGTmeaning they are “unaware” of the existence of a “call” to action from picking olives, because of ” Lack of productionIn this way, they indicate that if units are purchased “officially,” the motivation to adapt “necessary means” will emerge. Pedro Tellezof this union, warns that at the present time, In a governorate Cordoba “There is no shelter that meets the conditions and requirements.” It is reflected in Andalusian legislation. Finally, the General Union of Workers announced that it would collect information to check the emergence of “irregular labour” and demand that city councils provide decent conditions.

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