Gignac to Chicharito: Now you return to Chivas and you will play against me

Andre Gignac confirmed the return of ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez to Guadalajara of Liga MX on a Twitch broadcast.

André-Pierre Guignacin front TigersHe promised that Javier Hernandez returns Sivas Live on the ‘Chicharito’ Twitch channel. The Guadalajara youth player smiled and said his future was still undecided after it was announced a few weeks ago that he would not be continuing. LA Galaxy.

speech, in which he was present Orib PeraltaWhen did it start? ‘Chicharito Hernandez He remembers his games Liga MX As opposed to ‘brush’. “I played against ‘Sebi’ and he was in Saints Several times while I was inside SivasI played it many times.

‘Chicharito Hernandez Interrupted by André-Pierre GuignacWho said he will come back Sivas To play against him. “Well, now you’re going back to Chivas, and you’re going to play against me, boy.”

The Frenchman’s intervention caused laughter among the crowd ‘Chicharito Hernandez And Orib PeraltaEven the youth team Sivas jeered and threatened to end the broadcast, but André-Pierre Guignac He interjected again: “I’m going to elbow you in the corner.”

‘Chicharito Hernandez He replied that his future is not defined yet, first the country he is going to play for and everything else needs to be defined. “Andre, I still don’t know where I’m going. “First you have to see the country and everything.”

André-Pierre GuignacAlready advised, in a serious tone ‘Chicharito HernandezIn addition to ensuring that Tigers He has great fans.

“Better for you, brother. You can enjoy a dressing room, you can enjoy an entertainment. You can say whatever you want, but I have great fans bro. I swear. For us, it’s a real bastard in the stadium.”

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It was early November at the time of departure ‘Chicharito Hernandez of LA GalaxyA team that has played Mexican since 2020. Now without the team, the forward has posted videos on his social networks in which he can be seen doing rehabilitation exercises for the torn cruciate ligament he suffered in May this year.

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