Forbes named Bad Bunny the new “King of Pop” and the networks are on fire

Bad Bunny at the 2023 Billboard Latin Music Awards in Coral Gables, Florida. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Billboard via Getty Images) (Christopher Polk via Getty Images)

Mexico City, November 27 (El Universal).- Despite criticism and controversy, Bad Bunny is one of the best artists today. Many have called him the king of streaming, the king of reggaeton, and the king of Latin music. However, now “Forbes” has named him the new “King of Pop”.

In the latest edition of the magazine, the stars, called “Bad Rapid”, support the nomination of the singer for her great achievements in recent years, since she surpassed the number of Taylor Swift. Ranked among the most successful under 30s on digital platforms.

“If the 29-year-old Bad Bunny has one thing in common, it’s that everything he creates becomes a global hit,” the publication wrote on its official Instagram account. “In April, he made history as the first Latino artist to headline the Coachella music festival. And he performed exclusively in Spanish,” they added.

The translator of “Un preview” spoke about the pride he felt in his roots and the importance of having already reached the top by respecting his culture: “Spanish is a part of me, it’s part of my “DNA. . I like to take it wherever I go and talk about it. “It’s not that I want to fit in, but that’s who I am,” he said.

However, the appointment of the reggaeton player created a wave of criticism on the networks, because for many users this situation was a lack of respect for Michael Jackson, who for many years was recognized as the only “king of pop”.

Although they knew the life of Benito, the real name of the singer, they criticized the lack of seriousness in the press, saying that it was an exaggeration to put him on the same level as the late artist: “I thought Forbes was serious,” “I’m sorry, but the King of Pop will continue to be Michael Jackson”, “Bob?, what trap? ?”, “King of What?”, “King of Pop?, They must have forgotten Michael Jackson”, “Who is this rabbit?” Read some comments like

But not all the news is against the famous man, because many people supported him and called him a source of pride and an inspiration for the Latin people: “He worked for and represents Latin America”, “A great inspiration”, “To whom doula “, “Arriba Puerto Rico “, “Doesn’t it beat anymore?”, they added.

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