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‘Los Pickles’, a social space that adapted to the pandemic

They emerged from a music and mental health workshop, and will make their first online show

The restrictions imposed as a result of the pandemic affected the performance of cultural and community activities, which welcome different social sectors. In many cases, this type of meeting was suspended, due to the economic and technological difficulties that afflict its participants. The case of the Cordoba band “Los Piclkes”, formed from a music and mental health workshop, is an exception to the rule.

The band, born in 2009 from one of the artistic workshops that the Abracadabra civil association offered in the provincial Neuropsychiatric hospital in the Juniors neighborhood, today has 20 participants, a published album, and is preparing to make its first show via streaming. Martín “Ultratumba” Herrera, drummer and one of the group’s singers, explained to TODAY CÓRDOBA that they adapted to the pandemic through video calls, made “every Wednesday” since the start of the health crisis. These moments became rehearsal spaces, accompanied by the psychologist Diego de la Torre and Juliana Cristela Zapata.

For this year, according to Juliana, they plan to publish their second album with their own songs, through the Ola record label. “The way to record it will be virtual, so we go house by house of each pickle to take the vocals and instruments and then do the mix,” said the facilitator of the space. The band presents itself as a producer of “mixtures”, which includes songs that “go from the heaviest rock” to “the most danceable and cheerful cumbias”, “circulating through quartets, blues, and other genres”. His next presentation will be on Wednesday at 9 p.m., free of charge, through the Google Meet platform, from meet.google.com/ibu-gdzv-aco. There, they will play their own songs as soloists and in duets.

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