Angela Aguilar: This is a beautiful gift inherited from her grandmother Flo Sylvestre: photo

One of the most loved singers today Angela Aguilar, Who at this time became one of the darlings of the public, after a boom in his single “reality,” he showed a lot of trees.

Singer Aguilar has shown a character worthy of the family, and now in recent months she has had various collaborations, which has allowed her to rise exponentially in the music world.

Angela uses all her abilities

However, another issue that undoubtedly erupted at the age of 17 was her beauty and eroticism, which was fully captured in the video for her solo song “Really”, Which has become a milestone.

The truth is that even the dance performed by the young woman has become a “challenge” that many artists like her fans and singer Ana Barbara have followed in their Instagram stories or videos on social networking sites. .

With Grandma’s buffer

Angela Aguilar showed a very beautiful picture in a photo posted on her social networks, where she appears with very special clothes, which has enormous meaning because it belongs to someone very important in her life and her family.

The 17-year-old girl appeared in a dress with white dots in green, orange and blue, which is beautiful, but also has a special meaning because it belongs to her grandmother, actress and deceased singer Wild flower.


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