Loret de Mola calls himself a victim, but he is not: Israel Vallarta

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Israel Vallarta Cisneros, Los Sodio, leader of the kidnapping gang It gave Details about Conflict with journalist Carlos Loret de Mola yesterday He was arrested in front of television and the French Florence Break In 2005.

By a phone call from the Altiplano prisonHe announced that he was directly seeking the appearance of other former directors of Televisa, who pointed out directly at the hearing that he “now claims he is a victim, but he is not”.

“(Carlos Loret de Mola) also says he was disappointed (…) We’ll see later,” he said.

Lorette de Mola promised that he would “take advantage of the chaotic situation” and that he would receive concessions from his home “by confronting each other” and not in person as he requested.

“I emphasize that conflicts are how they are heard, face to face, in front of the judge, so that the judge can understand and explain each person’s reaction and publish his criteria, but each and every one of them is strangely home mainly Mr. Loret,” he told the media.

Journalist’s announcements, “a false victory”

Journalist Carlos Loret de Mola and two former television collaborators appeared yesterday in a confrontation with French Florence Casas with Israeli Vallarta Cisneros, who was arrested on December 9, 2005.

At the end of the trial, he posted a video on his social networks in which he confirmed it Laura Baranco and Juan Manuel MahanaThey could not prove that he was an ally of the authorities in that organization.

However, Israel and his wife Mary Science, Because he confirmed that the listed statements were “a false victory” because “he (Lorette) knew he had some kind of guilt”.

“I did everything I could to reach the historical truth. It was real, not mine or the police or the media,” Israel Vallarta said.

“That ecstasy shown in that video is a lie, it’s just another set of his lies, I ask him, if I tell a lie, prove it and sue me (…) the Lord lies when the montages breathe,” said Mary.

Israel assured that Lorette’s court position was different from the other witnesses who appeared in the conflict, in addition to pointing out that he “did not take matters seriously.”

“Loret de Mola always laughs; He makes faces, he’s funny, so he does not take things too seriously, apparently he continues with his denial, now he calls himself a victim because he was never warned.


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