Lionel promises that the ‘gap’ with Abinadar is narrowing

Lionel Fernandez, the former president of the Republic and leader of the Fuerza del Pueblo party, promised yesterday that the difference between him and President Louis Abinader was “narrow” in terms of voting for the next presidential election in 2024.

The former president made the remarks while attending the weekly lunch of the Coribo Communications Group. According to opinion polls, President Abinader has an 8 to 12 percent advantage.

“Today the president has 39% to 42% of the vote, 49 of them in favor. In our case (it is) 30 to 34%, the gap is narrowing,” he explained.

Constitutional reform
Similarly, Fernandez returned to power over the constitutional amendment proposed by the Abinadar government, accusing the ruling party of “not knowing exactly” what it was looking for, and reaffirming that the constitution already gives autonomy to the public ministry.

The former president said, “I do not know exactly what the president wants with the constitutional reform. He has insisted on reform to guarantee the independence of the public ministry.

In this approach, he reiterated that the Republican Constitution already grants operational, administrative and operational autonomy to this persecuted organization.

On the point of appointing the Attorney General as the President of the Republic, Fernandez said so, because the historical constitutional model that the country considers is that of the highest executive of the United States, France and Spain. Power guarantees the independence of the judiciary in those countries and refers to who holds that office.

Fernandez said what can be done is to defend the fight against corruption. The purpose is achieved without the need to change the constitution of the country.

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Focuses on FP
Similarly, the former president, who insisted that the 90 laws strengthening the Magna Carta should still be known and approved by the National Congress, argued that the constitution should be consolidated over time. “We will look at the parts … you do not change the constitution once every four years, you need stability,” he said.

The leader of the People’s Force also said that he was focused on that organization and therefore had to dedicate his full time and energy to ending a truly competitive and elective political platform.

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