PSG player’s biggest atrocity in Senegal with homosexuals after ‘Idrissa Gueye case’


In Senegal a young man was attacked by a mob in the middle of the street, a few hours later Idrissa Gana Gueye PSG refused to wear the logo with the colors of the LGTBI community at the competition.

Police in the country are investigating what happened, the boy was abused by the public and received hundreds of homosexual insults.

“Response” with a photo of Antonella Rogusso, who allegedly betrayed Messi with a Paraguayan model.

The scandal erupted after the controversy over Idrissa Gana Gueye, who was accused of refusing to join the anti-gay struggle wearing a rainbow shirt during a PSG match.

The Senegalese player faced many criticisms for his action. In several videos aired on YouTube and Dictok since Tuesday night, an angry crowd of dozens of men surrounded a barefoot teenager in plain clothes on the street during the day.

“Homosexuality is not acceptable in Senegal”, “Dirty homosexual, because all these women are within your boundaries and you decide to get a mate. We will kill him before the police come, ”they shouted at the young man.

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The Anti-Homosexuality Association seeks clarification from PSG player Idrissa Gueye

The Association for the Fight Against Homosexuality in the Sports Rouge Direct is waiting for explanations of the growing controversy from Paris Saint-Germain player Idrissa Gana Quay: Did Gueye refuse to wear the rainbow elastic of LGBT pride?

“Homosexuality is not a concept, it is a crime. The LFP (French League) and PSG should ask Ghana Quay to explain soon. Allow it if necessary, ”the association wrote on Twitter on Sunday.

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