Why “other” storage space is occupied so much

If we ever check storage capacity That your mobile device is gone, you may have been getting a warning that there isn’t enough space left and surely you realized that a big part of the problem lies in the section called “AharonWe explain why it takes so much and if there is any way to delete the files that are saved in this section.

As we see in iPhone Storage Menu Bar, the phone space is divided into different categories, among which we see a graph showing the type of data that fills the space. One section is directed exclusively to Applicationsfollowed by HalfAnd PicturesAnd mail And finally, “others”, which makes us see that each has its own hole in the storage space.

“Other” category follows A large number of files And the most diverse, from system caches, downloads, logs, calendar events or device updates, as well as text messages or favorites that we save in the browser.

All in all, the “other” section of iPhone storage is Reserved system classresponsible for saving important data and temporary files, so we don’t have to worry too much as we can clean it up often and get rid of many of those files that annoy us just by taking up the space that we can leave for free.

How to free up some space in “Other”

to delete files Or free up some space in the “Other” category of our iPhone, we will enter the “iPhone Storage” section, and we will find all the applications that we have installed on the mobile phone. We will go into each of them separately, and finally we will proceed to deleting the cache in the “Delete cacheThis procedure may take some time, depending on our storage and the number of apps we have installed, but once it’s done, it won’t take long to see how ‘other apps’ are taking up so much less space.

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