Lionel Messi is a free player after concluding his contract with Barcelona

Lionel Messi He is a non-club football player. Very simple and very clear. Arrived on the first of July, his contract renewal with Barcelona expired without official renewal. In addition, twenty years (exactly 7 thousand 504 days) he signed his first relationship with the Parsia Club on a paper napkin. Now he is not tied to anyone.

“We’re doing everything we can to make sure it lasts … we have to fit it into the financial ‘fair play’, even if I want to say it. Leo I can not because it is in the process of finding a better solution, “said John Laporta, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

“Basically this is a financial ‘fair play’,” the Barcelona president said, adding that he had announced his options in recent months. Even in recent weeks, when he proposed up to three best dates to close the matter, they did nothing and the season ended without the Argentine star being able to officially announce the sequel.

The fact that Leo himself wants to continue as a Persian player and that the reconciliation between the two sides is very good despite the fact that the deal has not been finalized, maintains confidence in Camp Nou. “Leo wants to stay in Persia,” Laborda said in an attempt to calm down any signs of concern in the environment … but, consistently, at this point, this concern prevails, no matter how quiet the club’s offices remain.

Margins … and suggestions

Conversations between Barcelona’s executives, led by the president, his economic vice president Edward Romeo and advisers to football director Matteo Alemani and Leo Messi have progressed on the orders of his father Jorge in recent weeks and bring all conditions closer.

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Barcelona need to openly reduce its salary mass, which is why they have to match both the captain’s new salary and the tax treatment on his contract, which is two seasons as a first-team player, so defer the pay he is due to receive further extended over time.

From here … What is Messi’s situation? What is Barcelona’s role for him? Since it is unthinkable, it allows Leo to immediately think that he can sign a contract with the club of his choice, be it PSG or something else.

Barcelona, ​​for its part, cannot use Messi’s image, for example, in promoting its new shirts or signing contracts with sponsors using his image, hoping to resolve a situation very urgently, knowing the impact of the Argentine star in all negotiations with companies seeking to liaise with the Barcelona club.

But there is another option, which no one wants to imagine, but on stage: if Leo is injured without signing a contract during the Copa America, he will be without medical protection from Barcelona and on the other hand will not receive any compensation from FIFA for his vacation.

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