Lifeless, they find a couple kidnapped in Santa Barbara last Monday

Santa Barbara, Honduras .- In the middle of a shrine, the lifeless bodies of a couple who have been abducted since last Monday La Puerto Rico, San Marcos, Santa Porbara, West Honduras Community.

The married couple were searched by officers and their relatives in the area, where they found the motorcycle they were traveling on when they went missing.

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However, the corpses until this morning Jose Abraham Gomez (24) and Glenda Ligona (30) were located in the mountains.

The couple’s bodies were only a few meters away from each other; They were hanged at the scene.

Similarly, the brother of one of the victims was also reported missing, however, this information has not yet been confirmed by authorities.

The couple’s bodies were removed from the field and taken to the morgue, where they will undergo a forensic examination to determine when and how they were killed.


In 2020, Santa Barbara’s department recorded 158 violent deaths, up from 4.5 percent Murders in Honduras.

The first half of 2021 in the country ended with 1875, an increase of 16.2% in the first six months of the year compared to the same period in 2020.

Data shared by National Police During this period, another 261 people were killed between January and June 2021. June 372 closed with violent deaths.

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