Xbox teamed up with three groups of three indigenous artisans in Mexico to design the world’s three unique controllers

Microsoft announced a special partnership in Mexico With three groups of local artisans in the structure International Indigenous Peoples DaySo they can use the Xbox controller as a “canvas” and refer to a part of their culture.

Xbox clarified that these restrictions are not for sale And they are considered as a collection of crafts with elements that represent different cultures and their expressions. The company considers them unique pieces that pay homage to the indigenous people of Mexico.

Huochol, Nairit

The first control intervened Hoochol technique By artisans collaborating with Cuckoo, A Mexican brand that makes a wide variety of products ranging from bottles to football helmets or superhero figures.

Crisella Carrillo Guerrero, a Huchole artisan who collaborated with Cukett, was in charge of one of the controls:

“In each area we have enrichment symbols, lush corn, good luck butterfly, baby guardian god’s eye, pyot and deer guardian scorpion. Who is the god of the sea?”


Olinal, Guerrero

The second control was carried out by artisans from the training unit to recover, preserve and enhance the lacquer art of Olinale. Oliminal á Job Training Institute (ICAT – Olinalá).

Control Olinala1

They point out that the figures depicted reflect the cultural and historical exchange between Eastern and European countries. Francisco Coronal Radon, Highlights ‘Guilding’ technique with natural pigments they produce:

The controlling elements are the roses, flowers and leaves that we call the branch. We used some of the colors we knew as spring, so control was seen with enhancement, life and beautiful colors. The products we use in this technique, called ‘gold’, are the natural pigments we create. “

ஒலினாலா 1

Tenango, Hidalco

To finish, we have the last control designed by the artisans Tenangos Ma Hoy, Highlighting colors that inspire the emotions of the artisans who embroidered them.

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Control Tenango1

Hortensio Vargas Sevilla, a painter collaborating with Tenangos Ma Hoy, highlighted the control elements:

“The expression of tenangos is the feedback from our environment, to the elements in the region.”


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