Eustin Arpolada defends Olympia’s defeat to Honduras Progresso

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.— Olympia Won against 2-1 Honduras progress The date of the Apertura match in Honduras is five.

The rice team took the lead with a score of 1-0 Christian Sakasa In the 39th minute, Albos, who dominated the game by taking advantage of his pace forward, put the defense in a bad way.

As expected, the team Pedro Troclio The curve was too sharp Andres Salazar. Jerry Benson He saw the end of the first half very clearly and his shot went a long way from the target Honduras Progresso.

Altamirano entered Loro Similio, Went into the area and was knocked down by the Sakasa in 50 minutes. The referee blew a penalty whistle Eddie Hernandez The goalkeeper threw when he failed in front Salasar.

Pedro Troglio realized he needed to make some changes to take advantage of the pranks Jose Mario Pinto, The National Stadium overflowed on various sides of the court.

Yustin Arboleda, entered Jerry Pengson, Olympia is a player who needs to double score at a moment when Los Albos cannot find the path to the goal.

“Because we were happy, we were able to score and that team got three points. We make mistakes that cause more difficulty than we really need to enjoy the games,” Arbolada said at the end of the game.

Olympiad Added 8 points to the general table Starting match And it is located in the fifth place. His next competitor will be against him Victoria Saturday, August 28th.

This is how the teams came out

Olympiad: Edrik Manjer, Gaston Thies, Jonathan Boss, Johnny Leverkusen, Jose Mario Pinto, German Magia, Loro Similio, Edwin Rodriguez, Jerry Bendonsen and Eddie Hernandez. DT Pedro Troclio.

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Honduras progress: Andres Salazar, Vector Ars, Edwin Maldonado, Arnoldo Arbina, Oscar Salas, Juan Bolanos, Julian Martinez, Oscar Lukume, Christian Sacasa, Oscar Gonzalez and Thomas Sorto.


Olympiad Get Honduras progress This Wednesday night at 7:30 p.m. National Stadium In its continuation Match Day 5 Of Opening Match 2021.

Led by Pedro Troclio Come to this meeting with the task of raising their heads 3-2 defeat in the National Classic match against Motagua.

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Old Lion is becoming a clear choice tonight against the Rice team, widely dominating the historic series of matches between the two. National LeagueL.

Progress Committee, joined hands John Zyro Lopez, Reaches this determination after scoring 2-0 Victoria Last weekend, he achieved his first win in the current tournament.

Those in “Berla del Ulya” will try to take advantage of Olympia’s defeat in the current competition.

Historical series

Games played: 30

Winning the Olympics: 17

Honduras progress wins: 6

Tracks: 7

Goals of the Olympia: 74

Goals for Honduras Progresso: 34

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Matching data

Competitors: Olympia-Honduras Progresso

Time: 7:30 p.m.

National Stadium

Exchange: Diego Game

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