Lewis Hamilton was disqualified; Seiko Perez took third place

The FIA ​​finally decided to expel Hamilton from the qualifying round, so he had to start last

Mexican pilot Czech Perez Will emerge in the third stage of Sprint classification To be held in Brazilian Grand Prix The pilot suffered after admission Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton.

The Son Declared seven-time champion, Lewis Hamilton, Was disqualified for non-compliance with the permitted activities of the DRS zone, for which he lost the opportunity to start from the first position.

With this in mind, the Dutchman and the leader of the championship, Max Verstappen, Starting from the first place, will be Finn Valtteri Bottas in the second place.

Hamilton will have to start from the back of the stage, in addition, the penalty for mechanical change for this race is pending, so he will lose five places at the end of the sprint classification he lives in Brazil.

Hamilton will share the last line of exit with the Russian player Nikita Masebin.

The sprint race is just 100 kilometers or 30 minutes long and will determine the starting point for Sunday’s race. There are no mandatory pit stops.

The FIA ​​said in a statement that English driver Lewis Hamilton was disqualified after qualifying Friday for failing to have the necessary actions in his car.

“The technical representative said that the car 44 did not pass the test designed to consult the requirements of the last paragraph of Art. 3.6.3 of the Formula 1 FIA 2021 technical regulations. In simple terms, there is a gap between the upper and lower parts of the rear wing. Should be up to 15 mm. The car passed this part of the test ”, the text reads.

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In the same way, “When the TRS is activated, the gap should be between 10 mm and 85 mm when the upper part of the wing is raised to a flat position. According to TD / 011-19, the maximum spacing is measured at 10 N (ten Newtons). ) Has a range of 85mm against the gap with maximum load, if the indicator passes, the car fails the test.In this case, the meter does not pass through the inner part of the wing, but it passes through the outer part of the wing.This test was repeated four times with two different calipers, once the competitors were in charge. And was made in the presence of delegates Ron Meadows and Chief Engineer Simon Cole, Troxide and FIA Joe Boyer, Technical Representative and Nicholas Tombsis, after qualifying with the car’s technical director, the staff conducted the investigation on Friday.

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